Inspired by the shapes, textures, and cultures of the world.

~~ About Me
Hi, I'm Deb Soromenho, jewelry artist and metalsmith.

A big part of my design is influenced by my love of travel. I adore visiting new places and studying the textures of life; the crumbling stone walls and cobblestone streets, slick high-rises, jagged mountaintops, and the colors of nature. I’m also fascinated by the emotion of these places; by the rush of city marketplaces, the ache of ancient villages and the excitement of crashing waves.

My design is also influenced by my background in the arts: In past years I've dabbled in many types of art --such as fine arts, illustration, and graphic design-- trying to find a fit for my inner artist. In metalsmithing and jewelry design I've finally found the type of art that suits me, where I can express my true artistic abilities in the forming and shaping of metal.

The freedom of working with metal, along with my love of travel, emotion, and texture, is what allows me to create jewelry that has a lot of textural detail and historical influences that hopefully inspires as much emotion in you when you wear it, as when I made it.


~~ How I make my Jewelry
Materials: I work in sterling silver, fine silver, copper, and bronze. I work mainly with natural materials for accents such as leather, hemp, silk, wood, semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, and Swarovski crystals.  --I sometimes use re-purposed or vintage when I fall in love w/something.
Process: I cold and hot forge metal for my designs using traditional goldsmithing techniques. This means using either heat from a soldering torch and/or hammers, saws, punches, pliers, and other tools to shape and decorate the metal. Everything starts from scratch as either a sheet of metal or a length of wire, and ends as a beautiful, high quality piece of artisan jewelry.

Wood & Copper! My jewelry display at the Weekend Boutique trunk show.

Display views from the Weekend Boutique! I love designing my display almost as much as I love designing jewelry! What do you think? Do you...