Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finding Inspiration

Every room should have exposed brick!

I adore the colors and texture of exposed brick. Just the feeling alone of exposed brick is inspirational; it has the feeling of a past, stories to tell, memories and events. It makes you feel comfortable and welcome and is just gorgeous to look at.

Mixed with solid bold colors it's to die for...
Throw in some luscious fabrics and stacks of books and I'd never leave...
Wood floors are a given...
Put it all together in a city apartment with a view and you have my version of heaven.

Love the dark wood! (and that ceiling feature!)

So many interesting things; travel mementos???

Bright and cheery.

Look at all those books! :D

Blue looks good with the brick (and I kinda like the modern feel)

A kitchen to die for...

Even bathrooms feel cozy with brick.

Love everything about this room!

What an awesome studio space!


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