Sunday, September 18, 2011

Emmys = Awesome

This weekend was the long awaited and anticipated Emmy's gifting lounge, where my jewelry, along with lots of other handcrafted items from members of The Artisan Group were gifted to celebrities and press!

The TAG table in the GBK gifting lounge. That's me on the left on the wood & blue display board!

I was unsure of how I would actually respond to the event, since I have never followed the awards programs and really don't even watch tv. So I was really surprised to find myself feeling antsy and quite giddy to hear all the little tidbits of info and celeb names given to us by Valerie and Nikki during the two days of the event. Granted, most of the celeb names I didn't know, but that's what Google and IMDB are for, right? :) I did recognize most of the faces and names of the shows, so at least that!

Next week (or so) we'll all get detailed info on which celebs loved our stuff, what their comments were, and actual photos of celebs with our products! I am honestly so excited I can hardly stand it; so much for being the cool and collected; "...oh, I lived in Hollywood and am OVER celebs!" Deb. lol. --It's going to ROCK seeing my jewelry being modeled with anyone who is ANYONE!  --I'm going to have to keep really busy so the week flies by...

I did get SOME instant gratification by being able seeing the feedback and comments from celebs on twitter! A couple examples are:

Some awesome feedback from celebs!

AND the best part so far... Mr. GBK himself (Gavin B. Keilly), founder of the hottest celeb gifting lounge, asked if he could have my necklace that was on display for, I'm assuming, his wife! AWEsomeness!!! --Now I gotta stalk them to see if she wears it! lol. Oh, and we, the TAG Emmy's team, put together a special swag bag for Gavin and I made special cufflinks just for him, so maybe I'll catch a photo of him with the cufflinks and his wife with the necklace at the same time! :D ...I'll keep you posted. ;)

Ok, there's the rundown for now. Very soon I hope to have all the photos and whole scoop on what the celebs said. Stay tuned...


Extra, Extra: READ all about the Emmy's Weekend from the rest of The Artisan Group members (so many fun posts!) starting with Shannon's of Sweet Stella's
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  1. Great post, Deb! I was lovin' the excitement of it all, too. :)

  2. Thanks guys! Next the Golden Globes and Oscars! I'm not sure if my heart can take the excitement, lol. (...yeah, it can ;)

  3. Great article. We all held thumbs and followed along :-)

  4. Forgot to mention that it was ultra cool that Nia posed with my purse, too. :)

  5. I know Tina, it is the BEST celeb shot of the group! I'm sooooo jealous, lol.