Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stephanie Williams Rocks!

This post is dedicated to Stephi of Clover Stone Designs 
and the amazing job she did on my new blog design!

 This is her jewelry site, but she does amazing web and blog design also!

My blog now perfectly matches my website (how did you do that???), AWEjewelry, and is exactly what I ordered, well, except for the MANY improvements and suggestions she had on my ideas. :)

Some of the menu items still need to be buffed out, but I'll get to that soon enough. For now I'm just so happy to have it done, it's been on my mind for quite awhile I just didn't have time to try to figure it out myself. I've been wanting to make it more professional and to really dedicate some time to putting some quality posts about jewelry design and care, tips and trivia, fashion in general, and to go into more detail on things like my different shows and the ups and downs of the press I've gotten, etc. --whew, looks like I have a lot to write about, lol.

Anyway, please follow me, I'll really try to keep things interesting --and updated-- and would love any comments, likes, & shares you can offer. :)

So, here's to Stephi! I wish I had a glass of wine to toast with (actually I just wish I had a glass of wine, lol)


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