Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Martha Stewart Show Experience!

Wow! An amazing day!

Being invited to attend an all Etsy seller show was absolutely amazing and an incredible opportunity. Several of us on my local Etsy seller team managed to score an invitation and none of us really knew what we were in for. They didn't give us much details but they DID ask for our bios and our shop information and requested, no required, that we bring at least one product that we make to the show with us. That was what got us all worked up! Why did they want all of our info? Would some of the audience be called down for an interview? Who knew! But we did know that it could be amazing!!!

The day was hectic! Well, days I should say, since I went up Sunday afternoon and the show was shooting Monday afternoon. Here's some pics of the day!

I was going to go have coffee with the other girls on my team but when I walked by the studio (over an hour early) people were already lining up and I HATE to be last in line and LOVE to be first. So I skipped the coffee date and jumped in line! :) Thanks Kimberly Richard for being anal about being early too and coming to stand in line with me!
Here's the line not too long after I hopped in it. Turns out they had free coffee and food for Martha Stewart people, so I ended up getting my coffee anyway! Yay!!
Jenn Michaels (giving the peace sign) Linda Blackbourn (in red and black) and Starr Ashcraft (in magenta and white) - 3 of my teamies that were invited to Martha Stewart also waiting for the show to start!
Here's the jewelry that I took with me to the show. It's a little jumbled, they were giving demos of a new HP "3D" scanner and I was trying it out... not great for flat jewelry though :(
In the waiting room, being briefed and waiting for the show to start. The guy who does the briefing, Joey Kola, is also the show's MC is VERY high energy, lol. He was a blast, I just don't know how he keeps up that energy all day, every day!
The closest I got to Martha! lol.
Walking into the studio. There's the cooking area in the background.
More of the studio. The kitchen, the craft area, & the atrium. 

All the empty seats.... to fill up quickly
This lady takes one look at you and "sorts" you into your spot in the audience. I'm assuming by the colors we're wearing.
The sorting... They very quickly sort us into our seats.

My ticket... 5th in line, 5th to be sorted. :D
Prime seat! Just awesome!! 2nd row up aisle seat in the center aisle. Right where the MC stands during filming.
Incredible amounts of equipment and lighting! That huge (boom I think they call it) is the main camera that swings around the whole studion filming.
Martha giving a final recap. We weren't allowed to to take any pictures during the filming but had a few minutes afterward before Martha left.

Just before Martha left, she surprised all of us and her whole staff (it was obviously not in the plan) by saying she's putting all of our pictures with our shop names onto the Martha Stewart website! WOW!!! Incredible, my website listed on The Martha Stewart website, I can't wait to see the traffic that results from that. :D

The experience was beyond what I expected. Thank you Martha!!! :)


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