Thursday, August 6, 2009

In constant search of motivation!

I'm joining in on blog ring with my team members from The Eclectic Artisans Team today and writing about what motivates me.

It's a difficult subject. Different things motivate me at different times. I actually think I'm motivated most by switching things up, I'm not a person for routine (which is a struggle having a child because children need routine! lol) so when I'm in a funk I try to find an outlet to let my distracted mind wander.

Right now it's crochet. I'm actually loving crocheting because it's as close to meditating as I've been able to get. I think it's the counting and the stillness of it. I can't allow my mind wander to a million different places because I have to keep count and I'm very still except for my hands -in fact I usually unravel most of my skein at once so that I'm not distracted by having to stop and unroll more. LOL.

I might stick with crocheting for awhile, but I will probably have to try something else at some point to allow my jewelry making creative juices to keep flowing freely.

So anyway, I guess my motivation is change.

Take a look at everyone else's motivation posts -starting here- and maybe you'll get motivated yourself!
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  1. I feel the same way, Deb! Great post!

  2. thought-provoking post! i think it's good to challenge ourselves about what motivates us... i might try writing 200 wrods on what motivates me, just to remind myself of what's important!