Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Emmys Excitement!

There were some AMAZING celebs at The Artisan Group's display at the Emmys! I really wish I could have been a "fly on the wall" and seen it all in person.

I did get to see all the photos that were taken with them though! Here are some of the pics that we, The Artisan Group "Emmy's Team", got with them. Amazing celeb shots with equally amazing artisans! --All our shop's are linked with the picture, be sure to browse through them all, it's worth it!

Nia Peeples LOVED TinaDean Designs upcycled purse
Janina Gavankar seriously studying The Beez Kneez stationary

James Woods' girlfriend wearing a Seeing Is Believing's necklace!!!

Loretta Devine with HoneyPrint's Thank You card!
Christopher McDonald having fun with Ilene Price's Mandala print.
Niecy Nash wearing Stranded Treasure's Flower ring!
Mayim Bialik with Aromatic Health's Aromatherapy spray.

Beau Bridges holding a cute crab doggie toy by Wags & Wiggles.
Jeff Probst enjoying Sweet Stella's stationary.

AJ Buckley with 13BlackCat's Illustration.
Maria Canals Berrera with her daughter hiding behind
Atutude's gorgeous Tutu.

Jordan Bridges with PaperMuseDesign's Upcycled record journal.

Penny Marshall with an O.C. Styles journal!
Jason Isaacs with Gary Hirsch's super cute Joybots illustrations!

H├ęctor Elizondo with a Lonely Pixel Art Print.

Grace Phipps wearing a ReZip It Upcycled bracelet!

Virginia Williams with an art print necklace by The Light Fantastic!

Beverly Mitchell showing off Bellaroma's Cleansing Mask!
CS Lee enjoying AJ SweetSoap's Banana Split soap!!

Scott Adslet playing with Little Free Radical's stacking rings!
Greg Itzen with Make It Mine's Handcrafted party supplies!
Wes Ramsey holding FancyDesign's super cute iPhone case!
Michael Trucco wearing AutumnBradley's awesome skull necklace!
Alan Cumming with an ElleMoss Photo Portrait!

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  1. Photos are amazing! The Artisan Group is awesome, too!

  2. Thanks everyone! There are some amazing shots aren't there! LOVE them!!! :)

  3. Congrats, it's all so exciting! Happy for you and all of the Artisan Group's hard work!

  4. Really, so incredible. Aren't we so lucky to be represented by the Artisan Group?

  5. The page FULL of celebrity photos is so IMPRESSIVE!!

  6. Visiting from the Blog to Blog giveaway :)