Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Recovering from a Rainy Cub Scout Camping Trip!

So, the first day was actually gorgeous, so I can't really complain. But we were waiting all day for the predicted downpour to start. And start it did (luckily after bedtime) but I literally thought we were going to be washed away! Luckily not cold, but very loud!

Then, to top it off, my son is an early riser and convinced my husband to actually get up and go outside!!!! Camping men are crazy! They decided to try a geocache, got halfway out and were soaked to the bone and came back and just sat around outside in the rain (at least they didn't try to come back into my comfy tent, where I was still happily sleeping away and enjoying the rain as an excuse to do so! lol)

Anyway, needless to say, further scout events were canceled and by the time I emerged from the tent 9/10ths of the campers were packed and gone. Only the few die-hards (like my son and husband) were left.

We packed up (in the rain) and headed straight to a Starbucks!!!

The End. (except for all the laundry, tent drying outside, dirty car...)
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