Friday, February 10, 2012

Inside Scoop : Aya Turner

It's time again for the Inside Scoop! Get to know Aya Turner of Aya Designs a little better by reading her responses to my unexpected, but fun, questions.

~some photos Aya wanted to share~
-- 1) I love quiet beaches like this one in Sarasota, where I dog sit a couple times a year in exchange for a cute place on Siesta Key (my best friend's place) -- 2) Sanary, France where my Mom lives and where I am fortunate to spend a lot of my free time when not in the US -- 3)My pride and joy, my two beautiful daughters: Daphne and Lindsay visiting me in Atlanta! -- 4) I love this piece, all natural stones, wood and pearls with those earthy colors I love:



Tagline: I sell beautiful handmade jewelry and very affordable prices
My signature color(s): I don't have just one color although I seem to gravitate to earthy tones and magentas  
3 things in my handbag right now: my teeny wallet, a pen and business cards ... add the cellphone when it's in use
The superpower I would love to have: wow ... I suppose I'd love to fly ... it would make my travels a lot less expensive LOL  
I get inspired by: the beauty of nature, my travels, my French mother who is one of the most elegant women out there! 
If you could live anywhere you wanted (money's no object), where would it be? The Gard region of the south of France
What I’m reading: The Matchmaker of Perigord by Julia Stuart (one of 3 books right now)  
Where do you see yourself/business in 5 years? hopefully business will have picked up that I can let my daughter take over while I'm basking in the sun in the South of France.
Favorite Reality TV Show: I don't watch much TV but I suppose I like Jeopardy (that's reality, right?) 
If you were forced to only have 1 make-up item, what would it be and why? well, I'm lucky there - I don't wear make-up other than occasionally putting on mascara (very occasionally)
What's your favorite item you've ever made? I made a gorgeous cocktail ring with beautiful stones that I've never been able to find again.
Thanks Aya! 
I feel like we know you just a little better now! :)
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  1. I KNEW it was Siesta Key Beach the minute I saw it...used to live in Sarasota and it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sand is like flour, so soft & fine! Just like this feature on Aya--so fine!


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