Friday, May 29, 2009

Help Me Pick an Avi, Please... POLL at right.

Please make your choice in the poll in the column to the right.

I'm trying to determine which avatar to adopt, it's very difficult, I love them all equally. lol.

Which of these makes you feel like you just gotta click to see more? or at least, which do you like best?

Thanks for your help and comments are very welcome!!!

1) Spiral Ring

2) Textures Wrap Ring

3) Hoop Earrings

4) Copper Pendant

5) Sterling Pendant


  1. I like one, three, and four. I stood way far back from my computer and I thought that these would look best as small avis :o)

  2. I like the first one best. Something in the waves of the ring echoes the font of awe, and it works.

  3. I like the first one best too.
    I think the avatar is not overloaded. It's simple, yet very elegant.
    And Sofia is right, it kinda mirrors your font.

  4. Yep.. I'm with the rest of them. A spiral always pulls me in, plus I love the design of that ring.


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