Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Just Joined Artfire.com and Listed Some Jewelry...

...and as you can see from my post at the top of my blog, I love it. :-D

Seriously, as a seller, it can't get much better. Listing is super easy. One page with everything on it and the images are quick and easy to upload!

And right now it's $12 per month, for life!!! No listing fees, no final percentages, nothing else, just your $12 no matter how much you list or sell. Is that awesome or what?! This seriously effects how able we are to keep overhead -and therefore prices- down.

And no need to relist your items (what a time and money saver) because searches are random, so the item you posted 3 months ago has just as much of a chance of being seen first as the item listed 3 minutes ago! ho-o-o-o-ooooh, now that's something! No getting buried at the end of the list.

And they have fantastic marketing tools. You just gotta check 'em out!

As a buyer finding what you want is super easy. The search and browse tools are great. And, best of all, you don't have to sign up to buy. So you don't have yet another id and password to remember. :D

Ready to give artfire a try? Sign up here, right now, and lock in your $12 for life!

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