Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Cat Who Loves to Play Fetch!

Ok, I have a Cod! (cat-dog LOL)

Seriously, my cat (Samantha, or Sammy for short) loves to play fetch just like a dog!

She will only play fetch with these little happymeal stuffed dogs, which she has about 3 of, all bursting at the seams.

So, mostly in the morning, but could be anytime of day or night, she will bring me (yes, bring me) one of her "doggies" and drop it at my feet while making this odd, very distinctly different, growling sort of meow.

This means she wants to play fetch (took me awhile to figure out what she wanted). I pick up the dog and wing it across the room, preferably down the stairwell and she flies after it and brings it right back to me. Sometimes I'll actually toss that thing until I'm tired out!

It's just wild, I've had lots of cats and never had one want to play fetch (especially without any training or prompting on my part) -she also loves to play tag or chase around the house, just like a dog!

Anyone else have a cod?

--oh, another odd thing, she is addicted to biting off little tiny pieces of cardboard from a box. She takes a bite and spits it out, leaving a littering of little pieces of cardboard, until the box is basically gone... soooo strange. Here's a pic - this is after just one chewing session!


  1. I have a cod! He toy of choice is the leather strings that go on the end of the stick. He loves the stick, too, but we have a piece that is just the strings. The funniest thing is that he'll bring the toy back, drop it on the floor, back up a step and sit, waiting for you to pick it up and throw it again.

    Just like a dog!

  2. That is hilarious! Does he make a special, weird meow also? I've really had a lot of cats in my lifetime and have never had one do this - I've had outdoor cats bring nasty dead things to the doorstep, but that's different (or maybe not so much, might stem from the same instinct? who knows, really wish I could speak cat! lol)


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