Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Favorite - Tax Relief!!!

I've just discovered AccountingSpot on Etsy. What a relief!!!

With the very unhappy thought of trying to organize my profit, loss, and tax information constantly sitting in the back of my head, finding the very useful, inclusive, and affordable forms by AccountingSpot lifted my spirits immeasurably!

Holly, the owner, is super knoweldgeable and helpful. She recommended to me the form No.74 -- Detailed Profit Tracker, Income Statement, Profit and Loss (Month, Qtr, Year - Reporting) -- it is exactly what I needed and more. I was at first daunted by the scope of the form, but after taking a deep breath and actually reading the very good directions she gives it was a piece of cake to get started.

And I love that it's is organized to coincide with the Schedule C tax form.

Anyway, if you've been meaning to get your tax info together but have been putting it off, go check out AccountingSpot! She has a great Invoice Form creator and Inventory Tracker, too!


  1. Thank you! You have been SOOOO great to work with! :)

  2. Going to find out more now. Thanks for sharing!


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