Friday, November 6, 2009

Kid's These Days... LoL...

I just had to share this story!

To make a long story short, my son, who is 9, is and always has been a very early riser (much earlier than me or my husband) and has learned to keep himself busy while we "night people" finish our sleep.

He knows that he's not allowed to do certain things, such as play computer games, and he's usually very good about it.

Well this morning when I woke up I walked into the other room and saw him sitting on the computer. Still groggy, my first thought was --oh, great, off to a good start this morning-- but I casually walked over and said "You know your not allowed on the computer in the mornings"...

Then he said --and here's where it gets surreal-- "Well, I was just putting together this Keynote presentation. Wanna see it?"

"huh?" --remember, I'm still groggy... maybe I misunderstood...

Then he said "Come look, I went through the basic tutorial and decided to explore the other features on my own"


Low and Behold, he had made an entire Keynote slideshow presentation about the fun things in life, like the playground (exercise, friends, etc) and more.

I was stunned! When did 9 year olds get this smart?
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  1. Hi,
    It is true that the kids are nowadays more smarter than their respected age.It is cheerful moment for you to have such nice and smart kids.