Thursday, May 20, 2010

When Your Hardwork as a Parent Starts to Pay Off...

Being a parent is hard! Sometimes you're totally in love with your child and other times you want the ring their cute little necks!

My son is 9 and definitely has his share of 9 year old moments (like wearing his jeans and t-shirt under his martial arts uniform for practice yesterday!?), but lately he's been showing a side I'm loving. Responsibility!

The example that sparked this post is what he did this morning. --He woke up early (as usual, he's always been an early riser) and got himself dressed, made and ate his breakfast, made his lunch for school and packed his backpack, and then came to wake me and his Dad up!

After thanking him and telling him how mature and responsible that was, I went downstairs with him and literally walked in circles... I had nothing to do! Crazy. So I actually made coffee and sat down for a leisurely breakfast (unheard of :) before he went off to school.

This isn't the first time he's done something constructive when he's gotten up (while we're still sleeping). He's unloaded the dishwasher on a couple of occasions and he has made his own breakfast several times, but these occurances are becoming more frequent and functional and it's so cool it gives me goosebumps!

But, I'm seriously torn between being the proud Mom, who realizes she's done something right, and the terrified, no longer needed, empty nester... I've 9 more years to enjoy, I hope I remember that the next time he has a 9 year old (or worse, teenager) moment!



  1. Nine is awesome as I remember, and the beginning of 10 is so wonderful you start wearing your good mommy badge on a near daily basis. Then come the hormones and you spend the rest of 10 wondering just what in the hell happened. As with every other aspect of parenting enjoy the awesomeness while you can!

  2. hahaha... yes, the eye rolling has started already. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the hormones to hit! Lol.


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