Friday, November 4, 2011

Inside Scoop : Melissa Arnold

It's time again for the Inside Scoop! Get to know Melissa Arnold of Sahetah’s Jewelry a little better by reading her responses to my unexpected, but fun, questions.

~some photos NAME wanted to share~

My signature color(s): Purple  
3 things in my handbag right now: mascara, handmade earrings from my shop, 3 pounds of small change  

The superpower I would love to have: The power to change people. Why? Because I think that’s the only power that could stop animal abuse.  

I get inspired by: Spending time with my best friend who is also an entrepreneur and talking about business really gets me inspired. We are motivated by what each other is doing and we help each other out. It is great having that kind of support around. We can come up with great and fun ideas.  
What I’m reading: What I’m waiting to read is the final book of the Wheel of Time series by the late Robert Jordan. Best writer there ever was.  
If you could live anywhere you wanted (money's no object), where would it be? Right here, cuz I take care of my grampa...but if ‘he’ was willing to move, we’d move to florida by the beach as a nice retirement for him. 
Where do you see yourself/business in 5 years? I would love it if my business was my main job because it was doing well. I don’t want it to be horribly busy as I would love to have time for family, but certainly something I can dedicate a few hours of each day to. If I had family members to pitch in with deliveries and packaging, that would be amazing. I would still love to do craft shows. Hopefully have a beautiful set up that looks like you just walked into a shop in the middle of a craft show. I just love meeting the people who love my work, talking to them and hearing their stories. I always want to keep that part of my business. 
Favorite Reality TV Show: Kitchen Nightmares, or Whale Wars...but that could be considered a documentary. I don’t actually like ‘reality shows’. Kitchen Nightmares really opens you up for what is going on in the kitchen and how your food is being prepared. If the food don’t look right or taste right, you start to wonder if the fridges look like anything that Chef Ramsey has discovered on Kitchen Nightmares. 
If you were forced to only have 1 make-up item, what would it be and why? I rarely put on makeup, and even then just a little cover up and some mascara does the trick. But if I had to live with one, I think it will have to be the cover-up.  
What's your favorite item you've ever made? That is an easy choice. The Cinderella book that I have had since I was a little girl is my favourite item of all time, and I may be far out grown those children’s books, but that book is here to stay.
My parents would never buy me toys or books unless it was from a thrift store. While walking through a mall with my parents and great grandparents we stopped at a small bookstore. I instantly fell in love with the Cinderella book as I loved the movie, but didn’t own it. It was the fairy tale ‘I’ wanted, but my parents would not buy it for me. I didn’t put up much of a fuss, but I was certainly sad. My great Grampa saw me with the book that I was squeezing, and bought it for me hushing both my parents. I remember thinking something like ‘My Grampa must love me if he’s buying this at a real bookstore!” And I have taken care of the book ever since. 
Thanks Melissa! 
I feel like we know you just a little better now! :)
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  1. great post! love the story about the cinderella book-

  2. The book story warms and breaks my heart! I completely understand keeping that book til the end of time,; I would, too!
    So nice to know more about you, Melissa! I love your jewelry so much; so fabulous.

  3. Love the doggie and learning more about Melissa! Great feature!


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