Friday, February 3, 2012

Inside Scoop : Sheila Hoag

It's time again for the Inside Scoop! Get to know Sheila Hoag of Tradewinds Studios a little better by reading her responses to my unexpected, but fun, questions.

~some photos Sheila wanted to share~
1) an Irish Crochet Pin -- 2) my last vacation (Canyon De Chelley, Arizona)
-- 3) A very one-of-a-kind Rhodochrosite Cabochon -- 4) one of my Irish Corchet Necklaces

Shops:  - my own website - my Etsy shop with the lovely crochet items  - my Etsy shop with Designer Cabochons

My signature color(s): Autumn colors - rust, copper, orange  
3 things in my handbag right now: I don't have a handbag, but 3 things on my desk are a bottle of water, a telescope and a pile of crochet hooks.
The superpower I would love to have: The power to unclutter!  
I get inspired by: Nature 
If you could live anywhere you wanted (money's no object), where would it be? New Zealand, Australia.  Maybe Bora Bora.  Someplace I haven't been yet.
What I’m reading: Far and Away; A Prize Everytime by Neil Peart  
Where do you see yourself/business in 5 years? I'd like to be doing what I am now, custom and unique work that's an art, not a job.
Favorite Reality TV Show: Deadliest Catch 
If you were forced to only have 1 make-up item, what would it be and why? I don't use makeup, so I'll go with lip balm.
What's your favorite item you've ever made? The baby blankets I made for my kids.
Thanks Sheila! 
I feel like we know you just a little better now! :)
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  1. Shiela, sounds like we have a lot in common! If I were to answer those questions, it would be almost identical! It's great to find like minded artisans!

  2. I love your style!