Tuesday, February 7, 2012

As Seen On: "Pretty Little Liars"

I wanted to share the screenshots I took of Nia Peeples wearing my earrings on a recent episode of the primetime hit show "Pretty Little Liars" I watched the episode on Hulu and was able to capture a few stills that looked decent. Do you know how hard it is to pause at just the right moment, lol?

I was soooo excited when I found out that Nia chose to wear my earrings on the show. Honestly, I was quite giddy, you'd have thought I was going to be on tv, not just my earrings! :) It took months, literally, for the show to air; the waiting nearly killed me but was so worth it! Nia wore my earrings the entire show, in at least 4 different appearances.

Nia chose my earrings that I included in her swag bag from the Emmy's GBK gift lounge. THANK YOU The Artisan Group for the opportunity to have my jewelry in the bag and be found, and loved, by Nia! I don't know if I'd ever have had this opportunity without my involvement with The Artisan Group.

Anyway, I had sent Nia a short tweet after the Emmys event saying that she'd look amazing in my earrings and that I hope she likes them and she immediately tweeted me back that she was wearing them on episode 2.18, which was filming at the time!

Isn't that cool? I mean, what if I hadn't sent her a tweet? and what if she hadn't been cool enough to tweet me back about wearing them? What if she'd gotten the swag bag just a few days later, after filming was over? So many things came together at just the right time!

It makes me wonder if, possibly, my earrings have been worn by other celebs, other places, and I'll never know because opportunity was missed... I have to do more tweeting, lol.

Nia is adorable!

In the restaurant scene, chatting with her daughter and her daughter's girlfriend. :)

Wonder who's necklace that is? and I wonder if they know Nia wore it? :)

My favorite shot!
~xoxo deb.
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