Thursday, October 8, 2009

EART Blog Ring Post: My Next Big Purchase!

This week's EART Team blog ring post is about what our next big purchase for our business is going to be.

hmmm... that's a tough one. There are several things that I really need and wish I could get. The two topmost are:

1. a GOOD soldering system (instead of my dinky creme brulee style torch :)
2. a REAL jeweler's bench (the kind made for jewelers so you can hook on clamps, flexshaft drills, catch metal filings and cuttings, store hammers and files, etc.) mmm...

I did finally just get a good flexshaft drill, my dremel just wasn't cutting it (literally :) anymore!

Basically most of my profit from sales at this stage go back into buying better equipment, it really does make a difference in the ease and to a point quality of your work (it's much harder to obtain excellent quality with inferior tools).

Now, I just have to decide which item I need/want most! ...and have a good Christmas selling season!

...anyone wanna buy some beautiful, excellently made jewelry for holiday gifts and help support my craft ;)

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~ciao for now
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