Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is it possible to be active online and still get some creating done? --EART Blog Ring Post

This week's EART Team blog ring post is about what our how we find time to create while being an active EART team member, keeping up our shop, and actually having an off-line life!

Well, I have to say that I do struggle with this.

I've recently started giving myself until noon to get all my online things done. I then get off of the computer and create (I work from home - I honestly don't know how people with 9-5s manage everything!).

I do still find myself sometimes surfing and dawdling too much and sometimes not getting big things done online that I'd like to do (such as looking up craft information, reading industry articles, checking out other blogs that I can be involved with, etc) Things that might ultimately help me and my craft but aren't imperative. But, you have to make choices and sometimes I choose to spend more time online and do some of them and sometimes I choose to get off of the computer and create!

Mostly, I wish that there were about 30 hours in a day and I only had to sleep about 4 hours. Then I could spend the equivalent of an entire day with my son and husband, an entire day creating, and still have plenty of time to be online (oh, and eat and shower and stuff ;)!

Read about how other Team members' manage by reading everyone's blog ring post starting here: Michelle's Charm World blog

~ciao for now
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  1. More hours in the day would be good right! haha!

    Listing Tip:

    Do your entire listing and then when you get to the final page where the FINISH button pops up, just copy the URL. I paste them into a Word Doc and just write the title there, so I know which URL goes to what listing.

    Then you click away and either do more listings or anything else you have to do, just DO NOT CLICK FINISH.

    When you are ready to post your item the next day, you just paste your URL into the address bar and it will take you back to the finish page :)

  2. I actually find Michelle's tip really handy. I'm a full time college student, with two jobs on campus, aside from my creating - blogging and Etsy. The only way I can get things done is to create whenever I have a moment, then put my new beauties in bags with their names written on masking tape. Then I schedule in time to write down all the details. Over the weekend I get everything set on Etsy and post them over the weekend. I try to do the same thing with blogs, but I generally can't keep up as well as I'd like to.