Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FREE Give-Away Scavenger Hunt - 13 Prizes!! Come Play!

Don't forget to play the EART team's scavenger hunt! Ends Friday!!

There are 13 shops participating. That means that there are 13 prizes to be given out! That's pretty good odds for you!!

Here's how to play:

Visit the participating etsy shops (scroll down to my previous post for the list of shops) and search their items for this photo: You can start in my shop: AWEshop

When you find it, send the shop owner an etsy convo letting them know you found it. You can search and enter in each participating shop. You can only win once (we want to share the love as much as possible), but the more shops you enter, the more chances you have to be a winner! Each shop owner will randomly draw one winner at the end of the hunt.

That's all you have to do. The scavenger hunt runs from Friday, 11/13, 2009, to midnight EST on Friday, 11/20/09. Check the EART website on Monday, 11/23/09 to see the winners. Enjoy the hunt!
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