Monday, May 3, 2010

From Sheet Metal to Earrings, part 2

So, I'm finally getting to posting the second half of my production photos, life is just too busy sometimes! ;)

Here they are sanded, textured, smoothed and ready for details

After they've been oxidized in a liver of sulfur compound (to give the aged look and to highlight the texture) I've also soldered the bezel cup onto the one pair (to hold the stone)

Deciding on details like what kind of stones, how to attach them, type of earwires, etc. (the one pair in the bottom right corner have just been oxidized, I put them in to show what the pieces look like after oxidizing and before polishing - pretty black and ugly) 

Finished earrings. Stones set and in place, all earwires attached, final polishing done!

These are comparing the finished pieces to my original sketches, some just like the sketches, some have changed.

A finished, photographed pair!

See more of the individual photos of the finished earrings on my flickr page:

Yay! I just love the transformation that metal takes from just a flat sheet of raw copper or sterling into a highly textured, gracefully shaped, beautiful piece of jewelry!

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  1. Great follow up from your first post. I love this ethnic line of yours. The copper is a great choice for these shapes and designs as well. Thanks for doing a beginning to end post. Look forward to seeing more.


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