Monday, September 5, 2011


Two shows, one weekend. What do you do?

The super fun and festive Takoma Park Folk Fest.

So, sometimes trying to figure out what shows to apply to is a PITA! Tracking all the entry deadlines and show dates is an effort in organization and pushes my naturally disorganized nature to the limits!

Some shows have deadlines up to a year in advance, some allow you to apply with-in days of the show date. Some let you know if you've been accepted right away and some take agonizingly long to get back to you.

What really gets confusing is when you want to do two different shows equally bad that are on the same day. If you just apply to one and *gasp* don't get accepted, you're screwed. So you have to apply to both... just in case. And in the very awesome case of being accepted to both you have to make some hard decisions.

And this is the situation that I'm in now. I REALLY, really wanted to attend Takoma Park Folk Fest, which I've attended twice before and it's by BEST one day show of the year. But I also really, REALLY wanted to attend Arts on Foot because it's just an awesome 2 day show in downtown DC and likely to be a good show for me also. So I applied to both... and got accepted to both! Yay!!!!

The huge and diverse Arts on Foot.

But that means that I had to figure out what to do. I obviously can't be in two places at once, but I really wanted to do both shows, it'd really suck to have to say no to one... and then which one? So I decide to do both and just figure it out.

My husband could sit one show for me, he sort of knows what I do and he's helped me out at shows before, but that'd be asking a lot of him because really, he's quite clueless when it comes to jewelry, how it's made, what metals I use, what in the world a lariat is and WHAT you do with it! lol.

So in comes Jen! My amazingly awesome friend who's also a jewelry designer and metalsmith. She's totally saving my bacon by sitting my booth at Arts on Foot on Sunday while I attend my booth at Takoma Park. Yay Jen. :)

Now to work out the little details... accepting credit cards in both places, finding extra tables and table cloths, making a LOT more jewelry, and juggling setting up and tearing down... Ugh.

But, I will have my booth at both shows this weekend and am super excited to see how it all goes.

Please come visit me on Saturday or Sunday at Arts on Foot and/or on Sunday at Takoma Park Folk Fest. Tell me you read this post for a 20% discount on any item!!!

Arts on Foot -- Washington DC -- September 10 & 11, 2011
Saturday 11am - 7pm
Sunday 11am - 6pm
8th & F Streets NW in Penn Quarter
Gallery Place-China Town Metro Stop

Takoma Park Folk Fest -- Takoma Park, MD -- September 11
10:30 am- 6:30 pm
Takoma Park Middle School
7611 Piney Branch Rd.

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