Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Octopus, Cherries, and a Beer! - Arrival in Portugal

I'm so excited to finally be here!

Portugal is awesome in the summer! Great beaches! and the boardwalk (called the Pardão) by my in-laws house in Cascais (just outside of Lisbon) is like nothing I've seen in the US: miles of wide cobblestone boardwalk lined with cafés and restaurants (where a beer is cheaper than a coke and the fresh grilled fish is to die for!) bordering mini-castles, cute little beaches, rocky cliffs, ocean water swimming pools, and multi-colored fishing boats. It IS one of the most amazing places I've visited (photos of all these things are definitely coming!)  :)

I LOVE exiting the plane on the tarmac, I feel like I've actually "arrived" somewhere! :)

One of the first things we did was hit the boardwalk and head to one of my favorite cafe's.
(it sits just in front of an ocean pool; a walled off area that allows in sea water at
high tide for people to swim in, wave-free)

YES! A cold beer on a warm, beach-y day! LOVE it.
(the "galão" or large coffee with milk and the Pasteis de Nata (custard pastry)
are my husbands, he goes for the sweet stuff :)

Our first dinner, prepared by my Mother in Law & enjoyed by my son: Octopus and delicious Portuguese potatoes! -
The "normal" fare is quite different in Portugal, our second meal was rabbit and we've had duck,
black sausage, and an assortment of shell fish since! Yumm...
Oh, and loads of the most delicious cherries I've ever tasted (and we used to pick them straight from
Washington groves :) --it's cherry season here and I'm in heaven :)

xoxo deb
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