Sunday, June 17, 2012

Travel Day 1 - New York City

We took the bus into NY to fly out to Portugal from JFK(airline points issues and trying to match up tickets dictated the necessity of leaving from NY) We did have a whole afternoon to hangout before we had to be at the airport though, so we spent the hours at Central Park. It was a perfect day for it, sunny but not too hot and not terribly crowded! ...and I got soma amazing photos :)

I'm always amazed how big Central Park is. We strolled, with only small stops to look at ducks, take photos, etc., for 4 hours and only covered a little corner of the Park!

Central Park and a slice of Manhattan. The red line is what we walked.

I love the contrasts!
The very old 5th Avenue Presbyterian Church against a modern high rise.

Entering Central Park - Lush organic greens against the hard, steel buildings.

An Instagram shot. An adorable gazebo on top of a hill of rocks.
It was much cuter in person than in this photo!

I love that you can take a hike on dirt trails with a cityscape backdrop.

My son being silly! An urban explorer, lol.

Another Instagram shot. The Boat House!
Tons of boaters out in the "very green" water (you don't wanna fall in that, lol!)

The boat house area is gorgeous! All arches, stairwells, and fountains.

A concert al fresco!

An Instagram shot.
I LOVE this shot, it's just gorgeous with the light coming through the arches!

Some gorgeous shapes and textures on the architecture!

Boaters drifting along.

Bridges, Boats, & Buildings :)

Huge planters at the ends of the bridge!

Me and my son! (I love the camera flip function on my iPhone!)

xoxo deb.

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